Joe's Restaurant

Welcome to Joe’s, our newest member of the family at Pleasant Beach.

Joe’s To-Go offers up a simple menu of Italian-inspired dishes including fresh salads, house-made pastas, artisan pizzas, and assortment of Italian beers available for take-out and curbside delivery. 

Until we open our doors as a full-service dine-in restaurant, we invite you to order from our to-go menu, enjoy a picnic on the grounds at Pleasant Beach Village, and experience our fresh take on traditional Italian American cuisine. 

4633 NE Woodson Lane, Bainbridge Island, WA  98110 
 Telephone #206.842.7807


Rosemary Marcona almonds5
Roasted with fresh rosemary and sea salt V G

marinated Olives 5
Mixed olives marinated with orange zest and garlic confit in olive oil  VG GF

Braised Meatballs  –

House recipe meatballs made with pork and beef and served in marinara with Parmigiano-Reggiano

Spaghetti squash – 11/20
Slow roasted spaghetti squash finished with brown butter, white miso, and balsamic vinegar, garnished with fried sage  V GF
Can be made vegan upon request

ROASTED Vegetables – 12/22
Selection of seasonal oven-roasted vegetables served with miso bagna cauda  VG GF

Arancini –

Risotto balls stuffed with mushrooms & taleggio  V

Fritto Misto  –

Selection of seasonal vegetables fried in our tempura batter and choice of miso bagna cauda, marinara, or house-made ranch  V

Fried Mozzarella  –

Breaded whole-milk mozzarella, deep fried, and served with house-made ranch and marinara


Joe’s Salad – 11/20
Lettuces, tomatoes, red onion, piparra peppers, grana padana, and house Italian dressing  V
Can be made vegan upon request

Caesar – 13/23
Hearts of romaine, classic dressing, croutons, Parmigiano-Reggiano
Plant based +3
Chicken +10/+16

Caprese –

Ripe heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil nuovo, and sea salt  V GF

Kale salad –

Lacinato kale, golden raisins, lemon, Pecorino Romano, pine nuts  V
Can be made vegan upon request

Chopped salad – 13/23
Includes chopped romaine, tomatoes, peppers, onion, chicken, and parmesan with green goddess dressing
Can be made vegetarian upon request


CUP  – 5        quart – 16

Caramelized Carrot Soup

Rich, creamy carrot soup  V

Mixed vegetable & Farro soup
Thick, hearty soup made with a mix of carrots, peas, leek, and onion  VG

A New Decade and New Dining Experience at
Pleasant Beach Village

Sign up now to be a part of our special invitation-only friends-and-family events to be the first to try the new Pleasant Beach Village dining experience. 


House-made pastas

Fettuccine – 14/24
With alfredo sauce  V

Radiatori – 14/24
With eggplant ragu and 


Orecchiette – 18/32
Lamb and carrot ragu

Pappardelle – 15/28
Butternut squash sauce, brown butter, sage, ricotta, Parmigiano-Reggiano  V
Can be made vegan upon request


RigatonI– 17/31
Shiitake cacio e pepe  V

Tagliatelle – 17/31 
Bolognese, traditional beef and pork ragu, with Parmigiano-Reggiano


MafaldA – 14/24
Pesto Genovese with Parmigiano-Reggiano  V

TrenNe – 13/23
With vodka sauce and Parmigiano-Reggiano  V

Fusilli – 17/31
Primavera, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, cashew cream, and plant-based parmesan  VG

cresto de gallo – 14/24
With a classic carbonara

LinguinI – 16/30
Alle vongole with manila clams in a white wine garlic sauce

Shells with Cheese  – 15/28
As cheesy as it gets



Sausage – 17
House-made Italian sausage, burrata, red onion, pecorino

Pepperoni – 16
Ezzo pepperoni, mozzarella, grana padana

New york Cheese – 14
Tomato sauce, mozzarella,  grana padana, olive oil, basil

Pesto Chicken  – 18
Pesto, slow-roasted chicken, burrata, charred tomatoes, parmesan

Tomato Pie – 11
Tomato sauce, oregano, garlic, olive oil

Mushroom Pie – 15
Selection of seasonal mushrooms, bechamel, truffle cheese, mozzarella 

White Pie – 14
Ricotta, white sauce, thyme, parmesan

build your own

Base pizza comes with mozzarella and your choice of sauce 

Red  - 10
White - 10
Green - 13


red onion, extra parmesan, extra pecorino, oregano, extra tomato sauce, extra basil, extra garlic

calabrian chili, extra mozzarella, ricotta 

fresh mozzarella, gaeta olives, pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms, charred tomatoes, garlic confit, 
roasted squash

burrata, pesto, Italian sausage, chicken, truffle cheese

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